Advanced Formula Hi-Potency Shampoo – 200ml

27/03/14 16:28

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This is the new stronger alternative to Profol Original Formula Hair Loss Shampoo.

This incredibly effective formulation is designed to be used if your hair loss is severe or you have already lost your hair and re-growth is particularly stubborn. This formulation will quickly bring excessive hair loss under control. In cases of baldness you must take a sensible and patient approach to treatment.

The high potency of this formula is designed to kick start slow blood supply to the scalp caused by harmful DHT. Its formulation retains all the features of Profol Original but has far greater power to really get things moving as fast as possible.

This special natural organic formula shampoo is designed to help stimulate the blood supply to the scalp. During use and for a while after application, you will notice that your scalp will redden and will feel warm, tingly and slightly sensitive, your proof that the formula is helping to accelerate the vital blood supply to the hair follicles. Daily use is recommended for optimum results. Used in conjunction with Profol Advanced Formula High Potency Lotion Spray, you have a powerful twin force to help solve your problem.

IMPORTANT: Continued use will maintain healthy scalp and hair growth.

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